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Import-Export services 

Has your company had it's import-export activities been limited to mainly English speaking countries but now wishes to become more international?

Is your company to some extent already represented by sales partners overseas and would now like to penetrate other markets abroad, for instance Eastern or Western Europe, Asia or America etc?

Does your company have business contacts in foreign countries but is now interested in pushing business activities elsewhere around the world?

In this case you should give your company a boost with our import-export consulting services. 

Market studies 

Viable international export opportunities are available for small- and medium-sized companies offering competitive prices and attractive labels. salelogic can help you to realize your marketing potential in lucrative overseas markets. Through a comprehensive, cutting-edge study and analysis of your service or product in the global market, salelogic will determine your potential international market and develop an appropriate strategy to yield the highest success for your company.  

Sales outsourcing 

Going into new markets without risk and long-time planning?

Our sales outsourcing is based on companies searching for proven and innovative ways to penetrate into a new market, drive market share and increase revenue.

Sales outsourcing is about two fundamental things - how you structure your company to increase efficiency and how you identify and capture business opportunities.

We are specialists in all Marketing / Sales / Business Development / Account Management / Market Entry Strategies / Public Relations/ Resourcing (incl. recruiting). 

Localization services 

Within the framework of our business-search service, we provide you with advice and support when acquiring or investing in a company.

From the first consultations we remain on board throughout the negotiations until the signing of the contract. Our service includes individual consultation as well as active and systematic searching for a company for acquisition or investment. We perform an analysis and evaluation of the company and assist with the drawing-up of contracts.

We are always in the fortunate position of being able to employ someone from that country which relates to the target market concerned. This guarantees our customers a professionaly completed contract. 

We sell your product in Europe 

With our Outsourced Sales Services you can:
  • Enter new markets very fast
  • Minimise your risk and investment
  • Get best contacts and knowledge of markets

    Now you can enter new markets without risk. We bring you all services, you need to sell your products in European countries. From lead generation, sales presentation, presales activies to contracts and after sales support (1st level support), we provide you with all activities, you need to succeed in a new market.

    Because of our contacts and best knowledge of markets, we can guarantie you minimum risk and a low commission. read more  

    Your worldwide network 

    Salelogic Ltd. is specialised in international business research, sales, marketing consulting and field services.
    We provide you either with project based sales and marketing consulting or with complete field services in sales, presales and service.
    With our outsourching sales services, you can enter new markets without risk.  

  • Background information
    Do you need some background information about our services or didn't find, what you need?

    Latest News

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